In this blog I will:

  • Provide a Christian prospective to healing and recovery from mental illness.
  • Tell my story.
  • Invite others to anonymously tell their stories.
  • Give tips an information for the loved ones of the mentally ill.
  • Provide accurate and well researched information about mental illnesses and medications.
  • Give resources both national and local (I’m in Fayetteville NC).
  • Actively fight the stigmas of mental illness.

In this blog I will not:

  • Advertise irrelevant information or products
  • Give my opinion as fact. (If I’m stating my opinion or experience I’ll preface it as such).
  • Endorse anyone or anything I’m not personally familiar with.

About me

My name is JenniLynn. I was born in ’74. I was first diagnosed at age 10. Then they called it an unspecified anxiety disorder. During the next twenty some years I went through a dozen diagnoses. Now I have several medical issues as well as a personality disorder, PTSD, bipolar II, and ADHD. Not to mention the most recent addition of a type of autism. I am what is referred to in psychiatric terms as SPMI (Severely and Persistently Mentally Ill). Most people in this category can’t function in the world at large, But I can. Largely do to my IQ, but also in part do to my resiliency to difficulty. I am tenacious. I hold on to my faith in God and my reason with a vengeance. Many people like me have learned to cope by using substances, but I have always felt that my mind was chaotic enough without them.

This page will evolve as I add to the about category and my story.