Hi! I’m JenniLynn. I’m 43 years old and nowadays I’m a professional artist and becoming a professional blogger. I’ve had many jobs in my life (assistant teacher, day-camp counselor, daycare worker, computer lab monitor, web designer and others). I’m extremely intelligent. I’m easy-going and easy to get along with. AND I’m mentally ill.

I decided to start this blog because I’m tired of hearing maligning statements about mentally ill people, because the stigma is dangerous and unfair, and because NAMI in my area is only for the loved ones of the debilitated not for the functionally mentally ill. There is simply not enough accurate information available. My friends and family have been bugging me for years to write a book about what I know and my experience with mental illness. In this day and age a blog is more likely to get wide circulation. So here goes…

In this blog I will:

  • Provide a Christian prospective to healing and recovery from mental illness.
  • Tell my story.
  • Invite others to anonymously tell their stories.
  • Give tips an information for the loved ones of the mentally ill.
  • Provide accurate and well researched information about mental illnesses and medications.
  • Give resources both national and local (I’m in Fayetteville NC).
  • Actively fight the stigmas of mental illness.

In this blog I will not:

  • Advertise irrelevant information or products
  • Give my opinion as fact. (If I’m stating my opinion or experience I’ll preface it as such).
  • Endorse anyone or anything I’m not personally familiar with.

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